On Radfems and TRA's — whats the difference?

As far as I can tell, the only difference between Radfems and TRA's is who gets to be the most oppressed. Both seem to latch on to a few — generally outdated — studies that they hunted down as a justification for their beliefs specifically. Neither have much time for statistics, and when they do they are clearly absurd and falsely generated statistics designed to make a point — the sources are invariably not from somewhere reliable but some fake activist university professor.

Both immediately begin with ad hominems, strawmen and mischaracterization as their primary means of attack.

“1 in 4 women gets raped on college campus!” — Nope, that's not true not even remotely, and if it was true why the fuck are you still going in record numbers. Jesus you'd have to be truly insane to take those odds when alternatives like distance education exist. Yeah, except you know its not true, that's why.

“Transwomen get murdered every day!” — Nope, our rate of murder is pretty much exactly the same as the general population. “Oooh but in Brazil...!”, but, you aren't a Brazilian prostitute. You are a safe and comfortable Westerner.

Both of these people began at a conclusion and worked backwards to justify it. That's the wrong way, the correct way is to look at the data, and draw a conclusion from there. The reason to do it backwards is usually selfish, the reason to do it properly is to seek the truth, at least what truth can be gleaned from the data.

Then there is my favourite: “but WE are victims because in the middle east...!” You don't live in the Middle East, and if you do, get the fuck out of there by any means. But since you don't, you live in a nice comfortable Western country, this is an attack on Islam and nothing else. Its not a justification to make a pointless, brainless stink about how bad you have it when you don't live under those circumstances. If you want to attack Islam then do so because it really is a sexist, hateful, bigoted religion that oppresses women and murders LGBT people. But using “Islam exists therefore I'm oppressed” when you don't live in an Islamic society is disingenuous, and rather obviously so. Worse, its taking the truly difficult circumstances of these people and then using them for your own benefit.

Protesting outside of some random venue doesn't help the relevant people. Pushing against Islamic immigration to the west, and working to develop some kind of underground railroad to help people who really do have it bad escape is something actually useful. But that thought has probably never even occurred to either the groups, because this isn't about helping people really, its just about politics, power, and selfishness.

You can look at the crime statistics from the FBI if you really give a crap about the truth of the matter. You can look at college graduation rates, etc.

Both of these groups are basically identical versions of radicalized, post modernist dingbats who don't seem to notice that most people, trans, female, or whatever — just go about their lives and their biggest problems are related to interpersonal relationships, finances (debt), and employment.

The problem here, in my mind, is simply that victim ideology is just very appealing to people who haven't reached their potential and don't want to take personal responsibility for themselves. The consequence of this, is that they won't ever, because they are failing to address the real problems they face. In most cases, radical ideology represents nothing more than escapism.